Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the data release dates?
Data is released on the fourth Thursday of each month at 12:00pm ET. For more details, please refer to the Releases page
Where can I find a list of market/station changes?
Please refer to our Station Guide on the Resources page
How long does it take to complete a radioCount interview?
Participating in a radioCount survey is quick and easy. Interviews take just a few minutes to complete.
What are the measurement weeks for data releases?
Measurement periods are detailed on the Releases page
What markets does radioCount measure?
Please refer to the Market List on the Resources page
How frequently are the markets measured?
Survey frequencies vary by market. For details, see the Market List on the Resources page
What is Continuous Measurement?
Continuous measurement is ongoing fulfillment of sample throughout the year.
Are there any weeks that are excluded from measurement?
Sample fulfillment takes place 52 weeks a year in continuously measured markets.
Will monthly data be available with Continuous Measurement?
Yes. Non-currency data will be released each month.
How can I use radioCount data?
radioCount delivers commonly used metrics for buying/selling radio and station performance.
Can I use radioCount for programming analysis?
Yes. radioCount captures tuning to the quarter hour level and supports multiple daypart options.
Can I create rank and trend reports?
Yes. You can create various market analysis reports including ranks and trends.
Is Full Coverage data available?
No full coverage (Total Canada) measurement is available.
Is Qualitative data available?
A limited number of qualitative questions are available.
Do I need special software to access radioCount data?
radioCount data will be available in commonly used applications. Contact your software supplier for availability.
How do I subscribe to radioCount data?
Contact us for more information.

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